Elvis Christmas Party 2011

1. Details

  • Time: 12pm (noon) - 4pm (Alex needs to leave by 4:30pm)
  • Day: Monday, 19th of December (This date is after ECOOP2012 deadline!)
  • Location: Alex's Place (Alex has emailed his address to elvis!)
  • Activity: BBQ (Alex doesn't have BBQ but we can sort something out wink )

2. Getting There

For those that don't have easy access to transportation, a number of us will be leaving in cars from the University. Here's the list of rides, so book your seats!

  • DavidPearce --- StephenNelson, ArthurProtin , Keith, and space for one more, leaving at 11:30am.
  • CraigAnslow --- taking Rilla, Pippin and Jan, got space for one more, leaving at 1100 stopping at supermarket along the way
  • MoniqueDamitio --- space for 3 people but one way only (not sure I will go back to Wellington), leaving at 11:30.
  • StuartMarshall --- leaving at 11:30am, can take 3 - 5 people there, but will be staying in Tawa so would prefer not to drive back (although can if absolutely necessary).
  • RomanKlapaukh --- leaving at 11:30am, taking MichaelHomer and have space for 2-3 others.
  • Keith Cassell --- I can probably offer a ride back to town, but not to Alex's - my wife is planning to come by later in the afternoon.

  • JamesKjx --- I'll probably need a lift out to Alex's, but we should be able to bring 2-5 people back (depending on size smile

3. Attendance

Please RSVP to Alex Potanin before the BBQ... wink

Attending (and Bringing)

Can someone bring the following ingredients:
  • chicken kebabs
  • BBQ chicken wings
  • sausages
  • chips
  • guacomole or dip for chips
  • nuts and raisins
  • bread
  • salad dressings (including mayonaise)
  • lettuce for salad
  • tomatoes for salad
  • mushrooms for salad
  • capsicum for salad
  • onions for burgers and sausages
  • tomato sauce
  • American mild mustard
  • desert anyone?
  • chocolate
  • soft drinks (juice, coke, sprite)
  • wine
  • beer

  • DavidPearce (bringing: Beer, Tomato and Olive Salad, Avocado and Potato Salad, Some fancy sausages)
  • AlexPotanin (Yasha and Nelly will be away that day, Alex will leave to pick them up at 4:00pm)
  • CraigAnslow (bringing: portable BBQ and utensils, lighter, burger patties, burger buns, Apple Juice)
  • StephenNelson (bringing: Meat (whatever's on special), Beer, Chips, Thesis Chapter)
  • PaleyLi
  • StuartMarshall (bringing: sausages, soft drink, beer)
  • KeithCassell (bringing: beer, fruit, fruit cake!)
  • AngelaMartin
  • RillaKhaled
  • PippinBarr
  • JanLarres (bringing: vegetarian stuff ...)
  • SivaDorairaj (bringing: vegetarian food)
  • HughDavenport
  • AhmedKhalifa (bringing: 2 kids, Mediterranean minced meat fingers, Wine, Coke, bread)
  • RomanKlapaukh (bringing: Something deserty)
  • MichaelHomer
  • MoniqueDamitio (bringing some veggies for salad and a desert)
  • ArthurProtin (bringing: chicken wings, tortilla chips, Coke)
  • JamesKjx (bringing: stuff. chips/dips?)

Not Sure

  • IanWelch
  • ConstantineDymnikov
  • NeilRamsay
  • PavleMogin
  • ThomasKuehne
  • LindsayGroves
  • Saptarshi Mukerji
  • DanielAtkins
  • JulianMackay

Not Attending

  • HuiMa - away
  • PetraMalik - away
  • NickCameron - living in Auckland
  • MichaelWaterman - in Nelson with family
  • GeorgeAllan - can't make it
  • HarshaRaja - in India
  • Yi-Jing Chung - living in Auckland

4. What to Bring (General)

  • Sunscreen if you want to sit outside
  • Sunhat and sunglasses
  • Positive energy and a smile on your dial!