Elvis Christmas Party 2013

1. Details

  • Time: 1pm onwards
  • Day: Tuesday 17 December
  • Location: Alex's place (in the northern suburbs)
  • Activity: BBQ and relax

2. Getting There

  • Drive north, if you reach Porirua you have gone too far! Check email for directions and location or contact AlexPotanin for directions.

Car Rides

  • Alex taking Max, Marco and new Russian guy
  • Craig leaving Kelburn / University @ 1230 and taking Rilla, Pippin, Hugh, Timo
  • Ian Welch taking Jim and Brian
  • James taking Thomas, Andrew

3. What to Bring


  • Salad
  • Chippies and snacks
  • Dips
  • Meat: sausages, steak, burger patties, kebabs, chicken wings
  • Vegetarian stuff
  • Bread, Buns
  • Mustard


  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Orange Juice
  • Soft Drinks (Coke, Sprite, L&P)


  • Sunscreen if you want to sit outside you will definitely need it.
  • Sunhat and sunglasses
  • Positive energy and a smile on your dial!

4. Attendance

Note family members, partners and kids are most welcome to come along and enjoy in the festivities.

Attending and Bringing

  • AlexPotanin - hosting and bring BBQ
  • CraigAnslow - bringing BBQ, sausages, tomatoe sauce, bread, beer, two outdoor chairs
  • DavidPearce (will be late as he arrives into Wellington from Sydney in the afternoon)
  • StuartMarshall
  • JamesKjx likes the 17th; week of 9-13th is Hell Week for me.
  • PippinBarr (going with Craig)
  • RillaKhaled (going with Craig)
  • HughDavenport (needs a ride)
  • Marco Servetto (going with Alex)
  • Max Zerzouri (going with Alex)
  • JimWhitman
  • IanWelch
  • BrianNg (going with Ian)
  • Evgeny PlusOne (both going with Alex)
  • *add your name here*

Waiting to Hear Back from

  • PaleyLi
  • RomaKlapaukh
  • MichaelHomer
  • SamuelHindmarsh
  • LiliLimtrairut
  • RashesworiRajkumari
  • MawarnyMdRejab
  • AhmedKhalifa
  • ThomasKuehne
  • GeorgeAllan
  • PavleMogin
  • LindsayGroves
  • HuiMa
  • NicholasCameron
  • MarkMoir
  • DianeStrode

Can't Make it

  • SivaDorairaj (working)
  • DavidStreader - away
  • TimJones - away
  • MichaelWaterman
  • ParanHaslett
  • AngelaMartin

5. Possible Dates

  • Monday 9th December (too early)
  • Tuesday 10th December (James away)
  • Wednesday 11th December (ECOOP paper writing)
  • Thursday 12th December (graduation and ECOOP deadline, Roma and Stuart helping with camp)
  • Friday 13th December (day after ECOOP deadline, Roma and Stuart helping with camp, Dave leaves for Sydney, Rilla and Pippin won't be here yet)

  • Monday 16th December (ECS Christmas Party, Dave and Tim in Sydney)
  • Tuesday 17th December (possibly good date, Dave gets back from Sydney, but Tim still away)
  • Wedenesday 18th December (Craig won't be here)
  • Thursday 19th December (Craig won't be here)
  • Friday 20th December (Craig won't be here, last day of term, people start to leave for a break ... )