Esther's Diary

28th May

  • Finished Re-drafting human ethics application form and emailed to Stu
  • Jeremy gave me a book to read about Blender smile

25th May

  • Re-drafted human ethics application form

23rd May

  • Had presentation on Milestone one for project in elvis
    • What is the difference between Visual Analytics and Information Visualisation??

22nd May

  • Had weekly meeting with Stu, James and Jeremy
    • Decided to talk about the motivation behind our projects and description of VAST challenge
  • Worked on presentation for tomorrows elvis meeting
  • Continued playing around in Blender to make a simple mock up

21st May

  • Played around with Blender

16th May

  • Had meeting with Stu, James and Jeremy
    • Our projects were becoming more and more similar
    • Needed to decide whether to work together on one project or separately
    • Decided to work on similar projects using different data sets
    • Need to start learning Blender
    • Got feedback for draft human ethics application form
  • Jeremy gave me a crash course of Blender

15th May

  • Weekly meeting with Stu and James postponed till tomorrow

10th May

  • Looked at VAST challenges for this year and previous years to decide what kind of dataset to work with

9th May

  • Had elvis meeting
    • Meeting on Monday morning with Stu to discuss datasets

8th May

  • Had weekly meeting with Stu and James
    • Need to look at VAST challenge
    • Need to decide what kinds of datasets to work with

3rd May

  • Emailed Stu and James with draft application forms for Human Ethics Application

2nd May

  • Elvis meeting
    • Schedualed a short presentation for milestone one at Trash.MainElvisMeetings/Talks

1st May

  • Had weekly meeting with Stu and James
    • Need to draft questionnaire for Human Ethics approval
    • Need to draft consent forms for Human Ethics approval
    • Email Human Ethics Application forms to Stu and James by Monday
    • Learn how to use Blender

30th April

  • Updated proposal to include how I plan to go about my project
  • Draft application form for Human Ethics Approval

25th April

  • Read articles on evaluation of information visualisations

24th April

  • Finished reading human ethics policy
  • Searched for more articles on evaluation techniques for visualisations
  • Started drafting application form for human ethics approval

23rd April

  • Continued reading papers
  • Updated my elvis pages

22nd April

  • Continued reading papers

21st April

  • Searched for more papers on ACM, IEEE digital libraries
  • Read some of the papers

20th April

  • Tried to continue reading human ethics policy
  • Searched for more papers on ACM digital library

18th April

  • Guilty of taking the week off which means need to spend 30 hours on the project next week
  • Started reading human ethics policy

10th April

  • Had weekly meeting with Stu.
    • Decided to spend 14-15 hours each week over the break
    • Need to get human ethics approval for the evaluation part of my project

3rd April

  • Had weekly meeting with Stu, James and Alex. It was the first time (apart from last elvis meeting) that all three of our supervisors, Jeremy and I were all in the same meeting smile However, looks like it was also the last time as Alex leaves the project frown, sad smile
    • Stu called David at Umajin, and managed to get them to get us the data to be visualised.
  • Looked at ElvisBrain and remembered I have my own page smile
  • Wrote a draft proposal to hand to supervisors at elvis tomorrow.

2nd April

  • Started writing my proposal.
  • Continued reading articles found from ACM.

1st April

  • Researched visualisation.
    • Started keeping a bibliography.
    • Looked at Craig Anslow's page.

28 March

  • Jeremy presented Umajin langauage at Elvis meeting. I tried to talk a bit about the Umajin creative interface.
  • Talked to Craig Anslow about what he does. He gave Jeremy and I a very useful talk about what we should research.

27 March

  • Had our first weekly meeting with Stu.
    • Stu showed Jeremy and I different ways to search for articles rather than just typing keywords.

26 March

  • Watched and cheered for Memphis at their Netball match.

Further back

  • Some contact with Umajin about the project.
  • Started researching for information on visualisation.
  • Played around with Umajin Creative.
  • Downloaded and installed Blender.