Titles for future publications


  • Semiotics for Computer Scientists ** Abstraction vs semiotics
  • FIve Hours Behind Tomorrow
  • The Meaning Machine
  • CloseReadingOfAProgram - (what are the referents) (pba)
  • TaxonomyOfLies (pba)
  • TheoryOfDebugging (TheoryOfAnalysis)


  • DNFAlwaysWins ('john pane', pba)
  • AspectOrientedUserInterfaces

Ownership & Programming

  • Ownership vs separation logic
  • Preservation of separation?
  • Aspects of Types

Essays On Software Design

  • OnMemory (GC versus manual; complementarity)
  • OnOccamsRazor (refactoring/XP vs modelling - how do they relate)
  • OnSoftwareEntropy (how does the XP story related to SergioValverdes netork entropy)
  • OnSoftwareDesign (what is it, why do we care, what does it mean to be in some paradigm)
    • note that these three could all be combined.
  • SoftwareArchtecture,SoftwareArcheology
    • Idea that Layered Software is primiarly historical (something Dijkstra/POSA/Garland&Shaw don't say)
    • RuinValue of Software
    • HowSoftwareLearns - i.e. that lower levels evolve more slowly than higher levels. Should now be able to demonstrate this