Geoffrey is a BITT Honours student supervised by Stuart Marshall. His project is on navigating through 3D visualisations on a mobile device.

Honours Project Work Log:

Thursday 12 March: First meeting with Stuart about project. Discussed project details and milestones.

Friday 13 March: Second meeting with Stuart. Prepared for Elvis talk about project.

14-20 March: Investigated options

21-27 March: Created first basic prototype of application

28 March - 3 April: Added bookmarks feature and flyover mode

4-10 April: Made camera always stay above ground in flyover mode (using ray tracing)

11-17 April: Bugfixes and put project into a source control repository

18-24 April: Added bookmark visualisation

25 April - 1 May: Added recording and playback ability

2-8 May: Researched papers related to the topic

9-15 May: Wrote milestone 1 report

16-22 May: Added "friend's" bookmarks and recordings

23-29 May: Further research

30 May - 5 June: Enhanced bookmark visualisation with "spikes" and shapes

6-12 June: Began implementing location filtering for bookmarks