Hien Tran

BE(Hons) student in 2010

Project: Visualising Map Element Placements

Supervisor: AlexPotanin and Mairead de Roiste from SGEES.


Recent advances in computer hardware have improved support for co-located collaborative task completion, such as through large, multi-user, multi-touch tables. Software engineers need to complement these advances with improved software user interfaces that reflect any different behaviours that arise from the different interaction techniques (e.g. multi-user, multi-touch tables versus single-user, single-mouse desktop computers). In this paper, we present usability observations from our experiment on a tool for online map creation that we developed. The experiment explored if and how user behaviour and task output differed depending on whether the users were collaborating around a touch table, or worked individually on a standard desktop computer. Our findings identify a number of usability issues around our tool's software user interface, and are useful lessons for others hoping to conduct user experiments on touch table devices, especially in the broad domain of collaborative creation.