Human Ethics Approval


For ethics approval you need to have created the Information Sheet and Consent Form that you will be giving to your "Participants".

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Also see Generic Usability Testing Ethics Application -- '''obsolete, no longer valid'''

Information Sheet

You need to give participants an information sheet in order to comply with the ethics approval process.

It should contain:

  • An introduction explaining who the researcher is and a brief description of the project, procedures to be followed and the academic or scientific benefits/objectives.
  • A statement to the effect that Victoria University requires ethical approval to be obtained for research.
  • An explanation of the role and expectations of the participants, including an indication of how long participation is expected to take.
  • A statement that indicates if the responses will be anonymous or whether an undertaking is given to keep personal details of participants confidential, how information will be secured and the form in which the data will be reported. [Where there is attributable reporting (i.e. by quoting the name of the person who has provided the information or the person is otherwise identifiable), this should be clearly specified on the consent form].
  • It may be necessary to state that a participant will have the right to check interview notes.
  • What will be done with the data. Whether (and where) it will be kept for a specified period. Whether it will be deposited in an archive (such as the Turnbull Library) or whether it will be destroyed within (say) two years of the completion of the thesis or project (see section 7).
  • An indication of where the results will be published.
  • Whether feedback will be provided and, if so, how and approximately when.
  • The name and contact details of the researcher. In the case of student research, the name and contact details of the supervisor should also be supplied.

You typically need participants to sign a consent form for ethics approval

Should say stuff like:

  • %u201CI have been provided with adequate information relating to the nature and objectives of this research project, I have understood that information and have been given the opportunity to seek further clarification or explanations.%u201D
  • %u201CI understand that I may withdraw from this study at any time before the final analysis of data without providing reasons%u201D [or similar as appropriate]. An explanation should be given as to what happens to data that has already been provided before the participant withdraws. %u2022 %u201CI understand that if I withdraw from the project, any data I have provided will be returned to me/destroyed, etc.%u201D
  • %u201CI understand that any information or opinions I provide will be kept confidential and reported only in an aggregated/non-attributable form%u201D or
  • %u201CI consent to information or opinions being attributed to me...[specify the nature of attributable information and the form in which it will be reported].
  • %u201CI understand that the information I have provided will be used only for this research project and that any further use will require my written consent%u201D.
  • %u201CI understand that when this research is completed the information obtained will be [specify if it will be destroyed/retained/returned]%u201D
  • It should also provide users the option (tick box) for getting feedback on the results of the research
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