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Interaction, Design & Preservation Group

The Interaction, Design and Preservation (IDP) Group carries out research in information visualisation, natural user interfaces and digital preservation. The group consists of academics and students from a variety of disciplines, including human computer interaction, media design, and network engineering.

The IDP group replaces the old HCI (Human Computer Interaction) group.

Research Interests

We are currently engaged in projects on:
  • network visualisation
  • exoplanets visualisation
  • graph visualisation and manipulation
  • sports visualisation
  • collaborative software visualisation on multi touch tables
  • preserving digital access to old computer computers.
We have also just started projects into brain-computer interaction and distance learning via mobile devices.


There are currently two academic staff attached to the group from the School of Engineering and Computer Science:
  • Stuart Marshall - Senior Lecturer and group leader, interested in visualisation, natural user interaction and digital preservation
  • Ian Welch - Senior Lecturer, interested in networks and digital preservation


The group consists of staff, PhD students, Masters thesis students and students completing final year or honours projects

Being Involved

The IDP group meets fortnightly at 11am - noon on Mondays in Cotton 255 on Victoria University's Kelburn campus. The next meeting is on 27 May, 2013.

The group also maintains a mailing list for general announcements:

For more information about joining or collaborating with the group, please contact Stuart Marshall

Resources and Experimentation

The group maintains a collection of interaction devices for use in projects and experiments. These include multi-touch tables, iPads, visualisation walls, and both Kinect and Playstation Move systems. See Computer Resources.

In order to conduct experiments with you humans we need to get human ethics approval.