Joining Elvis

It's not so hard to join this research group. You can do it all your self (don't need to ask anyone). Just do these things:
  1. Join the Elvis Mailing List ( see
  2. Come to some of our SubGroups
  3. Check that you are in the Elvis ECS UNIX group (e.g. "groups username" from the command line).
  4. If you are not part of the Elvis ECS UNIX group you can ask an ELVIS academic staff member (preferably your thesis or project supervisor if applicable) to email asking that you be added.
  5. Login to the Elvis wiki (that is this wiki), it takes ECS login credentials.
  6. Link to your ECS official page on the People page under the appropriate heading e.g. People#Academic_Staff
  7. Create a research diary / blog to keep track of your research. (e.g. DiaryOfRashiNa)
  8. If you are a thesis student (MSc Thesis, PhD) find an office, you are entitled to office space. Talk to your supervisor.
  9. Come and say hello to other Elvis members, don't be shy we are all friendly and are here to help smile