NB! This page is considerably out of date so some links may be broken.

Good Points to Follow to Make Posters

  • Tools and Size
    • Use Scribus unless you really like PowerPoint
    • Bigger is better.
    • A1 page measures 595 x 841 mm or 23.41 x 33.11 inches
    • A0 page measures 841 x 1189 mm or 33.11 x 46.81 inches
  • Content
    • Make sure that the posters content flows. Try to make the poster suggest the flow of reading.
    • Make sure that you have more pictures and a lot less text. Much-much less than you are thinking.
    • Remember pictures tell a 1000 words!
    • Explain "what the problem is", "what the hell are you talking about" and "why it is important".
    • Introduction is the most important bit. After reading the first paragraph, people should be able to decide whether it is worth reading the rest of your poster.
    • Practice "talking people through your poster".
  • Presentation
  • Printing
    • If you need to print from an image file (such as png) try to keep the dpi at 96.
    • Three schools at Victoria offer colour poster printing (this information might be slightly out of date!):
      • School of Architecture. Arthur.Mahon@vuw.ac.nz
      • School of Psychology (Psyc). The printer is located in the Easterfield building. Ask at the school reception. It costs $50 to print A0. Email Sam.Akhir@vuw.ac.nz or Al.Abenoja@vuw.ac.nz
      • School of Earth Sciences (SES). The printer is called Plotter and it costs $50 to print A0 or $40 to print A1. To use Plotter speak to the admin people in SES (check out their office on the 3rd floor of Cotton - in the "wooden" part). This printer might be out of action as of 2011 - please confirm and let Alex know if it is still working/not working. * Laminating
    • To laminate your poster see Clear Film Laminating: http://www.mapshop.co.nz/ .

Samples of Posters

Look outside the Elvis postgraduates offices (CO239- CO243) for physical samples.

Presentations given to Students