Neal Glew Visiting Elvis

NealGlew is a friend of Elvis and a regular visitor.


NealGlew will be here from 09/02/2011 to 22/02/2011 and based in the visitors room CO322. If you want to meet up with Neal schedule a time below and email Neal.

  • Thursday 10th February: Lunch Wishbone 1200-1300
  • Friday 11th February: Lunch Staff club 1230-1330, quiet drink after work somewhere, email Craig to find out, 1730-1900.
  • Monday 12th February: Lunch?
  • Tuesday 13th February: Lunch?
  • Wednesday 16th February: Java User Group - 1700-1830, Rutherford House The Esence of Caching (JUG Seminar)
  • Thursday 17th February: Neal's Seminar - 1000-1130, Cotton Club
  • Friday 18th February: Dinner downtown.

  • Monday 21st February:
  • Tuesday 22nd February:


We are going to dinner with NealGlew


We are planning on going for beers/dinner with NealGlew and Alex's friend called Sacha:


Cheers Craig, Alex, and Neal