Faculty Research Areas
George Allan Epistemology of Project Management; Risk Management
Nicholas Cameron (Post-Doc) Programming Languages and Programming Language Theory
Simon Doherty (Post-Doc) Formal Software Development
Lindsay Groves Formal Software Development
Thomas Kühne Software Engineering, Models, Programming Languages
Hui Ma Database Systems, Conceptual Modelling
Petra Malik Formal Software Development
Stuart Marshall HCI, Mobile user interfaces, information visualisation
Pavle Mogin Database Systems
James Noble Object-Oriented Software Design
David Pearce Programming Languages, Compilers, Program Analysis
Alex Potanin Ownership and Immutability, Object-Oriented Programming Languages, Compilers, Type Systems, Software Engineering
Ian Welch Internet Security and Preservation/Access to Digital Artifacts
Robert Biddle (Adjunct) Games and Media, Usable Security, and Agile Development.
Mark Moir (Adjunct) Practical and theoretical aspects of concurrent, distributed, and real-time systems

PhD Students

Masters Students

Honours Students


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