Programming Languages Reading Group, 2012

The list of papers read in 2012

07/12/2012 - Views: Compositional Reasoning for Concurrent Programs, Thomas Dinsdale-Young, Lars Birkedal, Philippa Gardner, Matthew Parkinson and Hongseok Yang, POPL'13 ( LINK)

30/11/2012 - Building Useful Program Analysis Tools Using an Extensible Java Compiler, Edward Aftandilian, Raluca Sauciuc, Siddharth Priya and Sundaresan Krishnan ( LINK)

23/11/2012 - All Syntax Errors Are Not Equal, Paul Denny, Andrew Luxton-Reilly and Ewan Tempero, ITiCSE '12 ( LINK)

16/11/2012 - Social Influences on Language Adoption, Leo Meyerovich and Ariel Rabkin, ICSE 2013 ( LINK)

09/11/2012 - Confessions of a Used Programming Language Salesman: Getting the Masses Hooked on Haskell, Erik Meijer, OOPSLA 2007 ( LINK).

02/11/2012 - Searching without Objectives (VIDEO), Kenneth Stanely, ( LINK)

26/10/2012 - Predicate abstraction of Java programs with collections, Pavel Par�zek and Ondrej Lhot�k ( LINK)