Programming Languages Reading Group, 2013

The list of papers read in 2013

08/11/2013 - Storage strategies for collections in dynamically typed languages, Carl Friedrich Bolz, Lukas Diekmann and Laurence Tratt. In Proc OOPSLA, 2013 ( LINK)

13/09/2013 - Measuring the Haskell Gap, Leaf Petersen Todd A. Anderson Hai Liu Neal Glew.. In IFL 2013 ( LINK)

04/09/2013 - *Barrier Invariants: A Shared State Abstraction for the Analysis of Data-Dependent GPU Kernels *, Nathan Chong, Alastair F. Donaldson, Paul H.J. Kelly Jeroen Ketema, Shaz Qadeer.. In OOPSLA 2013 ( LINK)

09/08/2013 - The Power of Interoperability: Why Objects Are Inevitable, Jonathan Aldrich. In Onward! 2013 essay proceedings, 2013. ( LINK)

02/08/2013 - CDSChecker: Checking Concurrent Data Structures Written with C/C++ Atomics, Brian Norris, Brian Demsky. In OOPSLA 2013. ( LINK)

26/07/2013 - Tool-supported Refactoring for JavaScript. Asger Feldthaus, et al. In OOPSLA, 2011. ( LINK)

19/07/2013 - Evaluating the design of the R language: objects and functions for data analysis, Floréal Morandat, Brandon Hill, Leo Osvald, Jan Vitek. In ECOOP 2012. ( LINK)

12/07/2013 - Formalising a Structural, Gradual, Pluggable Type System, Tim Jones PhD Proposal

31/05/2013 - The Billion-Dollar Fix: Safe Modular Circular Initialisation with Placeholders and Placeholder Types Marco Servetto, Julian Mackay, Alex Potanin, James Noble

24/05/2013 - It's Alive! Continuous Feedback in UI Programming, Sebastian Burckhardt, Manuel Fahndrich, Peli de Halleux, Jun Kato, Sean McDirmid, Michal Moskal, and Nikolai Tillmann. In PLDI 2013 ( LINK)

17/05/2013 - "Why Do Scala Developers Mix the Actor Model with Other Concurrency Models?", Samira Tasharofi, Peter Dinges, Ralph Johnson. In ECOOP 2013 ( LINK)

10/05/2013 - Principled Parsing for Indentation-Sensitive Languages: Revisiting Landin's Offside Rule, Michael D. Adams. POPL 2013. ( LINK)

26/04/2013 - Talk by Marco on 42.

19/04/2013 - Comparing complexity of API designs: an exploratory experiment on DSL-based framework integration, Stefan Sobernig, Patrick Gaubatz, Mark Strembeck, Uwe Zdun. GPCE 2011. ( LINK)

12/04/2013 - Practice presentation by Fahmi

05/04/2013 - Optimization coaching: optimizers learn to communicate with programmers, Vincent St-Amour, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt and Matthias Felleisen. OOPSLA, 2012 ( LINK)

15/03/2013 - Software Visualisation with a Multi-Touch Table, Craig Anslow. (Craig will give a demo of his thesis work on the multi-touch table).

08/03/2013 - Loop Recognition in C++/Java/Go/Scala. Robert Hundt (Google), Scala Days 2011 ( LINK)

08/02/2013 - Sound and Complete Flow Typing with Unions, Intersections and Negations, David J. Pearce ( LINK)

01/02/2013 - Functional Reactive Programming, Continued, Henrik Nilsson, Antony Courtney and John Peterson ( LINK)

18/01/2013 - State of the Lambda: Libraries Edition, Brian Goetz ( LINK)

11/01/2013 - Reconsidering custom memory allocation, Emery D. Berger, Benjamin G. Zorn and Kathryn S. McKinley. OOPSLA'02 (awarded most influential paper from 10 years ago) ( LINK)