27- 30:

completed writing abstract, experimental methodology, introduction parts of paper potential barries of effective pair programming.

Shifted from couple to shared accommodation in Everton to save some money....

Scholarship results for reserve list candidates are yet to be announce by last week of September.

25 - 26:

revised all the responses of survey questions. Enjoyed weekend at queens gate mall smile


Got great response for survey. Was definately a productive week smile


As usual busy XP day! I had split the day in two halfs and sent first half with 1st team and second half with place book team. Got so much of data (USEFUL DATA). Planning to start working on papers using the data collected during this week. Pair programming had a good response from all the participants, I am happy for that smile

Looks like submitting the paper for ACS will not be possible frown, sad smile but will definitely have heaps of them in future to submit.


XP week day 3. looks like lots of progress is happening at both the teams. I had been to IT company to talk to director (Ben) for my experiments on Pair programming with their employees...looks like things will take time to workout. I could not participate much with facebook team coz, I was busy running up and down hill to meet ppl for my research. Took some snaps of pair programmers smile

Planning to sit with the other team for sometime tomorrow to collect some data by observation. Finally got Masters project report today...I am afraid I made so many mistakes and nothing was noticed during those days. Make corrections and sent the paper to StuArt for his feedback.


Second day seemed more productive for both Facebook project and my research. I could identify 3 potential problems with pair programming which I am planning to address in my future work smile Still awating for response from Prof.Sandeep to receive my M.Tech project report to submit to ACS smile


XP Week started off very well. Looks like I will have a lot to write after the event. Looks very benefiting for my research smile


Sent a mail to sandeep requesting to send a soft copy of MTech project report on Pair Programming (PP) and Pair Learning (PL). Planning to use it for my paper on PL.

Looking forward to attend Elvis and enjoy Pizza smile

8th to 16th August:

1. Shruti could not get adjusted to climate and stuff so she went back to India...sudden decision I am left alone in Wellington now frown, sad smile 2. Wrote abstract for Pair-Learning got feedback from StuArt working on it 3. Wrote a mail to Prof.Sandeep to send me a copy of my projects and experiments done during my M.Tech...to use them for paper on pair learning 4. Sent a follow-up mail to Sheela to check if they can sponser some guddies from google for agile event...as usual no response 5. Got mail from Scholarships office saying "I regret to advise.......has been unsuccessful"! Planning to do some small part-time jobs 6. Celebrated 60th year of Indian independence alone in wellington yesterday 7. Tried updating research dairy from home twice at (3:00 am and 2:30 am but it was damp slow)....decided to update dairy daily smile

7th August:

Planning to start writing about Pair Learning today smile

2nd August:

So many things to do: Started writing on Pair Learning need to finish the writing by the end of this week. Now reading: Using Collaborative Learning Research to Enhance Pair Programming Pedagogy.Pair programming as a model of collaborative learning. Will meet StuArt tomorrow to discuss about Pair Learning thing and HEC form smile

1st August:

Hurraaaaaa...its been 1 month I left India. I am not feeling homesick any more smile

Completed the HEC form and submitted it to John Hine for signature. Hopefully will submit the form to research office by tomorrow.

Planning to start writing the paper on Pair Learning from today, did a lill literature review.