30th July:

14:40pm: Completing the Human Ethics form, preparing the survey questions. I have already prepared the information sheet and consent form and submitted to Stuart for his feedback. Hoping to submit the Human Ethics form by end of day today.

19-27th July!!

Spent lots of time in setting things up at wellington. Got a new Compaq laptop at DNS electronics, now trying hard to find an ISP in wellington smile completed reading couple of papers on Pair Programming. Trying to fill up "Human Ethics Approval" form for my survey during Agile week. Writing plan of study to attach with the application. Trying to write a paper on Pair Learning to submit for Australian conference (not sure how successful this will be)

Planning to do some serious reading from next week on pair programming and Design patterns.Looks like I am almost settled and adjusted to the new country.


Completed reading paper" Pair programming and agile software development: experiences in a college setting". Planning to meet Stuart and James after 3:30pm to discuss about the agile week event smile


Working on scholarship application form smile hope the hard work will have good results.


Started reading "Pair learning: with an eye towards future success". Helped Anand for his enrollment process into MS course. Suggested him to join Comp463 (design patterns)

14 -15 (Weekend)

completed the corrections to CV and proposal for scholarship application. completed reading "Composite design patter".


Attend Elvis Meeting, Attended reading group meeting at StuArt office, spoke to Stephen about the agile week event, discussed about corrections research proposal for scholarship to StuArt.


Completed reading the paper "The social dynamics of pair programming" which is intresting, created a blog to write comments about the paper I read.


Prepare application for Vic PhD scholarship. Apply for IRD number (Which NBNZ banker suggested me to)

5/7/2007 to 10/07/2007

Completed enrollment process, office setup, login account for MCS network, getting adjusted to a foreign country.