This page contains links to resources that might be useful for people in Elvis.

Computer Resources

  • ElvisFiles - location of files or place to store stuff
  • VisualizationWall - the OptiPortal / AccessGrid / wall to display large visualizations
  • iPads - two 3rd generation iPads with WiFi
  • Multi-touchTable - two low cost multi-touch tables
  • Multi-touchMonitors - touch screens for user interfaces research
  • XboxKinect - a Microsoft XBox with a Kinect input device
  • PlayStation Move - a Playstation 3 Move system for gesture based interaction

Revision Control Resources

Writing Resources

Research Resources

  • HumanEthicsApproval - required if you are doing HCI studies
  • Binding your thesis - There is a bookbinder on Cuba Street. Map, phone number and opening hours
  • Zotero - serves as a bibliographic database from which many outputs can be generated. It is a free plug-in that integrates nicely with some web browsers.

Technical Resources

also see the ECS Technical Notes