Samuel Queree

BE(Hons) student in 2010

Project: Language Features for Graphics

Supervisor: NicholasCameron


Graphics programming has some specific requirements and characteristics not found in other kinds of programming. There are very many graphics-specific libraries, but very few programming langauges designed for graphics.

This project will seek to identify and implement programming language and type system features which will make programming for graphics easier. It will be an exploratory project investigating the use of 2d and/or 3d graphics programming patterns which can be codified or assisted at the language level. There will be some implementation or formal work to support identified features. There is opportunity to develop interesting graphics applications, such as simple games, to test the language features developed.

Students should have some experience with 2d or 3d graphics programming, and preferably with OpenGL or DirectX; they should have good programming skills. The project will be pretty freeform and open-ended, so students should be self-motivated. Experience with compilers or type systems is a bonus.