mechantronic sound sculptures

bacchus bacchus.png

Bacchus is a kinetic sound sculpture, built by Jim Murphy, intended as an examination of the use of mechatronic components as a means of extracting new sounds from common objects.

Bacchus Triptych bacchustriptych.png

Bacchus Triptych, built by Jim Murphy, is an outgrowth of the bacchus kinetic sculpture designed to allow direct human interaction.

Kritaanjli kritaanjli.png

Kritaanjli is a mechatronic harmonium built by Jim Murphy and Ajay Kapur.

MechBass mechbass.png

MechBass, built by James McVay, is a 4-stringed modular mechatronic bass guitar. Pitch shifts are accomplished with stepper motor-based linear motion systems, and picking events can be performed with variable loudness.

Mutor mutor.jpg Mutor is a mechatronic sound-object, designed by Mo H. Zareei, in which the sound of a DC motor is controlled and manipulated, in terms of frequency, timbre, and amplitude, through mechatronics and microcontroller programming. Nudge nudge.png

Nudge, built by Jim Murphy, is a mechatronic drum beater designed to retain the simplicity of traditional solenoid mechatronic drum beaters but to afford composers additional expressive parameters.

Rasper rasper.jpg

Rasper, built by Mo H. Zareei, is a mechatronic noise-intoner in which mechatronics and microcontroller programming are used in order to highlight the audiovisual nosies of urban technologies.

Rippler rippler.jpg

Rippler is a mechatronic sound sculpture, created by Mo H. Zareei, in which a sheet of steel is put onto a rippling motion using linear actuators.

Swivel 2 swivel two.png

Swivel 2, built by Jim Murphy and James McVay, is a six-module robotic slide guitar.


interfaces and instruments

Chronome chronome.png Chronome is a monome-inspired Grid, with Color and Pressure Sensitivity built by Owen Vallis and Jordan Hochenbaum. pyxis minor pyxis.png pyxis minor is is a novel instrument / sequencer / synthesizer developed by Timothy Barraclough.
ESuling esuling.png Esuling, built by Jason Erksine, is an Indonesian hyperinstrument modified with sensors and a microchip. EZither EZither.png EZither, built by Blake Johnston, is an electronically-augmented, bowed zither.
Kontrol kontrol.png Kontrol, designed by Jon He and Kameron Christopher, is a hand interface built to extract the intricate expressivity of performers of various performative backgrounds.

MagneticTapes magnetictapes.jpg MagneticTapes is a custom built interface for musical expression built by Bridget Johnson.
mHzKontrol mHzKontrol.png mHzKontrol is a custom-built MIDI controller built by Mo H. Zareei. Modulome bPadMod2Resized.png Modulome is a modular, wireless interface collection based on the Monome and Arduinome projects built by Timothy Barraclough.
tactile.space tactilespace.jpg tactile.space is a multi-touch performance interface for live sound diffusion built by Bridget Johnson.

touch.modular touchmodular.png touch.modular is an interactive multi-touch synthesis program built by Bridget Johnson.

xingyue guqin.png xingyue, built by Jon He, is hand gesture recognition for thumb, middle, and ring fingers.

Chronus_2.0 chronus2 1.png Developed by Bridget Johnson, Chronus_2.0 is a custom built physical spatial controller designed to be easily incorporated into an electronic musicians performance configuration.

compositions and installations

Artifice artifice.png Artifice, by Mo H. Zareei. Brutalist Noise Ensemble BNE.png The Brutalist Noise Ensemble, by Mo H. Zareei.
complex complex.png complex, by Mo H. Zareei. Gradient gradient.png Gradient, by Mo H. Zareei.
Immanence imaResized.png Immanence, by Paul Mathews and Timothy Barraclough, is a multimedia installation, designed to provide an unsettling experience through use of non-tactile sensors, reactive moving parts and live sampling of sound. Nebular nebular.png Nebular, by Bridget Johnson and Blake Johnston, is a performance piece featuring the EZither and tactile.space.
Orbits orbitsResized.png Orbits, by Timothy Barraclough, is an interactive installation for Modulome interfaces. Rasping Music raspingmusic.png Rasping Music is an audiovisual piece using four mechatronic instruments, in which phase-shifting patterns of the mechanically produced noise are accompanied by synchronous bursts of white lights, creating a hybrid state in a trade-off between irregularity of noise and regularity of metric rhythms.
yamoto-damashii / gendruwo magnetictapes.jpg

yamoto-damashii / gendruwo, by Bridget Johnson and Jason Erskine, is a performance piece featuring the Esuling and MagneticTapes.

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