Alex Potanin

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Associate Professor School of Engineering and Computer Science

Teaching in 2020


BSc (Hons), PhD VUW

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the intersection of cyber-security and programming languages. My major project since 2012 is a secure programming language for the web called Wyvern that I created in collaboration with Professor Jonathan Aldrich at Carnegie Mellon University. For more information and an up to date list of my publications please see my personal web page.

I am a core member of the Software and Programming Group (SPG) research group.


I am originally from Moscow, Russia with a background in Mathematics. I have completed my PhD in programming languages in 2006 and took up a job as a Lecturer in Software Engineering at Victoria University of Wellington. During my studies, I took short breaks to work as a Visiting Researcher at Purdue University, and Software Engineer at two Wellington start-ups. I spent 2013 on sabbatical at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. I spent the Northern Hemisphere winter of 2019/2020 on sabbatical at Kyoto University in Japan.