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Andy Linton, a senior lecturer at Victoria University explains on Radio NZ his job as one of the 14 keyholders helping to keep the internet secure. http://www.rad...
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COUNCIL MEETING 11 June 2010 MINUTES OF COUNCIL MEETING Status: Draft Present: Frank March (President), Jamie Baddeley (Vice President), Liz But...
NEW - 25 Jun 2010 - 13:25 by asjl
At the recent APNIC conference, Victoria University Lecturer, Andy Linton, was elected Co Chair of the APNIC Policy Special Interest Group (SIG). With the immine...
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Biography An IT contractor, a web developer, a writer, a teacher, a senior partner in Catch 22, and currently a student again. Research An ISP style network ofte...
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Biography Computer geek. Soldering by 7. Started programming at age 10 and burned out by age 14. Locked out a school Novell NetWare server (even to the superuser)...
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Research Interests
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About Me #MyBio I have a PhD and MSc from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and a Bachelor of Commerce focusing on Accountancy and Commercial Law from Victori...
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Biography I have interests in computer networks, distributed systems, window systems, and all things to do with the Unix operating system. As well as my day to da...
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There are 14 people worldwide who own keys that protect the security of web domain names. One of those people, engineer Andy Linton, joins James Ball, special pro...
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During the mid trimester break 12 15 April 2010, ECS hosted the 8th New Zealand Computer Science Research Student Conference (NZCSRSC) on the Kelburn campus. The ...
r3 - 25 May 2010 - 13:08 by ally
Recently Person:AndyLinton, a teaching fellow at the Faculty of Engineering, took part in the 5th conference and educational workshop of the Pacific Network Opera...
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SDN Research centre The software defined networking research centre was created with the following goals in mind: * Foster collaboration with industry, acade...
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Engineering and Computer Science Summer Research Scholarships 2009 2010 The following research topics are available, paying at least $5000 tax free. To apply, con...
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Technical Report Series (ISSN 1179 4259) %IF{"'' ingroup 'EcsGroup'" then=" To add a new technical report, assign it a new number by adding it to the table below ...
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Victoria University Teaching Fellow Andy Linton co presented a workshop, with instructors from NSRC (University of Oregon) and Google, on DNS operations at the 9t...
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