Isabella Pimentel Pincelli

PhD Student School of Engineering and Computer Science

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Thesis Info

Research Interests: Sustainable energy systems, Environmental planning, Energy efficiency, Embodied energy, Embodied GHG emission, Recyclable and waste management
Thesis Title: Analyzing embodied energy of recyclables' streams in New Zealand
Supervisor: Dr. James Hinkley, Prof Alan Brent


Research Interests

My research is based on sustainability and circular economy. I have a strong interest in analyzing complex systems, by understanding material flows and energy requirements of a system it is possible to seek for solutions towards a more sustainable development. In my PhD research, I am modelling recyclables flows for New Zealand and analyzing the embodied energy and embodied GHG emissions of recyclables. More specifically, my research will evaluate potential energy savings by increasing material efficiency, energy requirements to transport and export recyclables, and environmental burdens of different strategies for managing recyclables.  


Pincelli, I. P., de Castilhos Junior, A. B., Matias, M. S., Rutkowski, E. W. (2021). Post-consumer plastic packaging waste flow analysis for Brazil: The challenges moving towards a circular economy. Waste management, v126, p.781-790.

Pincelli, I. P., Meireles, S., de Castilhos Junior, A. B. (2019). Socio-productive Inclusion of Waste Pickers on Segregated Solid Waste Collection in Brazilian Universities as an Instrument for Sustainability Promotion. Sustainability on University Campuses: Learning, Skills Building and Best Practices.