Matthew O'Connor

Student School of Engineering and Computer Science

Matthew O

Thesis Info

Research Interests: Distributed Processing, Optimization, Beamforming, Blind Source Separation, Image Fusion
Thesis Title: Distributed Near-Field Beamforming for Wireless Sensor Networks
Supervisor: Prof. Bastiaan Kleijn and Prof Thushara Abhayapala (ANU)


Research Interests

My work is in the area of distributed signal processing and optimization, specifically for large wireless sensor network applications. With the increasing availability of small, low cost, and microprocessor-equipped sensors we have the opportunity to develop computationally efficient and lower power algorithms for in-network distributed processing of traditionally centralized techniques.

I have focused primarily on distributing the well established method of beamforming to these distributed architectures, but have more recently worked on general distributed regularized optimization, as well as the task of distributed image fusion. These have many applications such as distributed high fidelity acoustic recording, large-scale distributed visual surveillance, and high resolution imaging using radio telescope arrays.