Mohammed Al-Shaboti

PhD Student School of Engineering and Computer Science

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Thesis Info

Research Interests: Network security, IoT devices, Software-defined Networking
Thesis Title: Enhancing Smart Home IoT Security Through SDN-based Network Security Architecture and Machine Learning Techniques
Supervisor: Dr Ian Welch and Dr Aaron Chen



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Other accepted papers:
  1. Al-Shaboti, Mohammed, Ian Welch, Aaron Chen. "IoT Application-Centric Access Control (ACAC)." AsiaCCS ’19, July 9–12, 2019, Auckland, New Zealand
  2. Al-Shaboti, Mohammed, Aaron Chen, and Ian Welch. "Automatic Device Selection and Access PolicyGeneration based on User Preference for IoT Activity Workflow." IEEE TrustCom-19, Emerging Technologies workshop, Rotorua, New Zealand on 5-8 August 2019.