Rohit Duggal

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PhD Student
School of Engineering and Computer Science

Thesis Info

Research Interests: Renewable Energy
Thesis Title: Low-enthalpy geothermal energy extraction from oil and gas fields
Supervisor: A/Prof Ramesh Rayudu, Dr James Hinkley, Dr John Burnell


Research Interests

My research interests are inclined toward low-temperature geothermal energy generation in oil and gas fields. This resource could replace fossil fuel usage, and reduce emissions. Geothermal utilization would also bring a new life to the infrastructure, and industry, and extend the economic life of this resource. In my research, I would be addressing the question of how can we best utilize this resource? How sustainable are these resources as a source of energy? and How to utilize it for direct use application in an economically and environmentally viable way? I intend to answer these questions through intensive reservoir modelling, wellbore analysis, and surface-level engineering studies.


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