Rohit Duggal

PhD Student School of Engineering and Computer Science

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Thesis Info

Research Interests: Renewable Energy
Thesis Title: Low-temperature geothermal energy extraction from hydrocarbon fields
Supervisor: A/Prof Ramesh Rayudu, Dr James Hinkley


Research Interests

My research interests are inclined with low temperature geothermal energy generation. The focus of my work is to revive abandoned wells in petroleum fields that have relevant temperature to be used as geothermal resource. This resource has the potential to replace fossil fuel usage and reduce emissions. Moreover, geothermal utilization would bring a new life to the infrastructure, industry and extend the economic life of this resource. In my research, I would be addressing the question of how can we best utilize this resource? How sustainable these resources are as a source of energy? How to utilize it for direct use application in an economically and environmentally viable way? I intend to answer these questions through intensive reservoir modelling, wellbore analysis, and surface-level enegineering studies.


Please follow the link researchgate: rohit duggal.