Soheil Mohseni

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PhD Student
School of Engineering and Computer Science

Thesis Info

Research Interests: Integrated renewable energy systems, Long-term investment planning, Meta-heuristic optimisation algorithms, Demand-side management, Game theory, Electrified transport
Thesis Title: Development of a method to optimally size micro-grids based on meta-heuristic optimisation algorithms
Supervisor: Prof Alan Brent, Dr Daniel Burmester, and A/Prof Will Browne


Research Interests

My PhD thesis revolves around developing a demand response-centered method to optimally size on-/off-grid micro-grids using meta-heuristic optimisation algorithms considering model-inherent parametric uncertainties. In my project, I engage directly with the public- and private-sector energy stakeholders, as well as remote and rural communities in New Zealand, to understand how energy planning optimisation can drive the deployment of stand-alone and grid-connected renewable energy systems.

Specifically, my research interests include:
  • Cost-optimal integration of distributed energy resources, green vehicles, and electrified heating into renewable and sustainable energy systems,
  • Quantification of the uncertainties associated with the forecasted electrical/thermal loads, climatic data, green vehicles’ power consumption and driving patterns, as well as the electricity price,
  • Application of evolutionary algorithms to the optimal operational scheduling and planning of renewable energy systems,
  • Demand response-integrated techno-economic analysis of poly-generation energy networks,
  • Drawing ideas from game theory to improve the accuracy of demand response capacity projections, and
  • Economics of green hydrogen production for energy storage, transportation, and stationary applications.


For a list of my publications, please visit my Google scholar web page.