Zuhaib Mirza

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PhD Student
School of Engineering and Computer Science

Thesis Info

Research Interests: Renewable Energy; Energy Policy; Sustainable Energy Transitions;
Thesis Title: A multi-dimensional comparative analysis of the transition to renewable energy
Supervisor: Prof Alan Brent


Research Interests and Description:

My primary research focus revolves around investigating the inexorable global energy transition, with particular emphasis on sustainable and equitable transitions. Despite considerable research into climate change mitigation and the perceived progression towards renewable energy development, consensus regarding the nature and ramifications of this transition remains elusive. My research endeavours entail delving into the foundational principles of renewable energy development and formulating a policy framework conducive to a seamless transition centred around renewable energy sources.

Central to my research is the exploration of the philosophical underpinnings of energy transition, alongside enhancing practical policy formulation and implementation through comparative and qualitative analysis. This entails a rigorous examination of the theoretical and practical aspects of renewable energy deployment, aiming to inform and refine policy initiatives for tangible impact in the real-world context.