James Quilty

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Senior Lecturer School of Engineering and Computer Science


BA, BSc (Hons), PhD (VUW)

Research Interests

My research interests span several fields and techniques, from ferroelectric solids to nonlinear optical organic molecules and Raman spectroscopy to ellipsometry. Through these run common threads of lasers, optics and materials science and engineering. Present areas of research are novel techniques for the inscription of holographic gratings, ferroelectrics for sensor applications measured via Raman spectroscopy and UAV-based sensing systems. To these areas I bring a long-standing interest in computational techniques for data analysis and theoretical calculation of materials properties.

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ResearchInterests Nonlinear optics, photolithography, ferroelectrics, strongly-correlated materials including superconductors and dilute magnetic semiconductors, spectroscopic techniques including Raman, photoemission and luminescence spectroscopies, computational methods for data analysis and calculation of materials properties.
Qualifications BA, BSc (Hons), PhD (VUW)
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