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PhD in Computer Science (University of Manchester) Teaching I teach/taught the following course: COMP102, COMP103, NWEN243, NWEN438, SWEN439  Course Lecturer fo...
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Research Interests
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Name? Karsten Øster Lundqvist. Born? Viborg, Denmark. Lived in? I first lived in various Danish towns and cities for 29 years, then I lived in Norway for a couple...
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Research Interests My research interests are in the areas of software composition and evolution (API and contract evolution, semantic versioning) and program anal...
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Born in? India. Lived in? I lived in Hyderabad, India, before moving to New Zealand in 2006. Since then I have lived in Palmerston North, Auckland and Hamilton. ...
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The School of Engineering and Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand's top ranked research University is seeking to expand its enginee...
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Postgraduate Coordination Team Our postgraduate prospectus for Engineering and Computer Science gives information about the graduate programme and many courses ha...
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Software Development Masters students from the Wellington ICT Graduate School are on the way to solving the NZ Cricket Museum’s challenges after a two day hackath...
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Student Information This page contains information that we hope will be helpful to your studies, including how to plan your course and where to get support when y...
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Profiles Sunny Teich (Keynote Speaker Day 1) Sunny Teich is a writer and visual effects artist, currently lecturing in the School of Design at Victoria Univ...
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