Kevin Shedlock

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Assistant Lecturer School of Engineering and Computer Science


Phd Candidate, MIT, PGDip, BachInfoTech

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Technology is becoming a one click and view everywhere landscape which is changing the way society’s communicate - altering the way people define their digital selves. Whilst researchers continue to build technology for the world we live in, my research considers the impact of technology on the people who live in that world. The under-represented such as the indigenous people's and the environment they live in. All over the world indigenous peoples are suffering from colonialism, displacement, poverty and loss of culture. To add to these challenges, there is the danger of technology disconnecting indigenous people from their heritage and traditions. My research is about investigating views towards the construction of the IT artefact that is by nature indigenous.

For indigenous people’s who want to stay connected to their lands, traditions and heritage, normalizing the involvement of traditional practices during the construction of the IT artefact allows people to protect precious stories and treasures for the future, unlike the current technology methods of construction employed where technology continues to disconnect people from their understood views of the world.


My research interest is focused on the construction of the IT artifact using an indigenous framework. I am currently a member of the New Zealand Institute for IT professionals (ITP) and, part of the Virtual Worlds Working Group (VWWG) who assist in facilitating collaborative research approaches towards virtual world computing. As a result of my research, indigenous communities from all over the world are beginning to access new methods when constructing real-world IT projects during the framing, engagement, planning, construction and evaluation phases of the indigenous focused technology artefact.

Research Interest Activities

  • Spatial Intelligences & Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Geo-location Information Mapping Systems (GIS)

  • Indigeneity in Information Technology (iIT)

Research Awards

  • 2018 New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards. Finalist Education & Professional Development Category.

  • New Zealand ITx2018, 31st Annual CITRENZ Conference, Wellington - New Zealand. Awarded Best Research Paper.

Research Publications

Shedlock, K., & Vos, M. (2019). Indigeneity and Technology: Assigning indigenous properties to the agent-based IT artefact ensemble. Presented at the Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems 2019 , Xi'an, China.

Shedlock, K. (2019). Oral traditional stories: A central source of indigenous knowledge applied to the digital artefact construction. Abstract Presented at the THINK Indigenous International education conference 2019, Edmonton, Alberta - Canada.

Shedlock, K., & Vos, M. (2018). A conceptual model of indigenous knowledge applied to the construction of the IT artefact (p. 1 to 8). Presented at the New Zealand ITx2018, 31st Annual CITRENZ Conference, Wellington.

Shedlock, K. (2017). Te mauri o te mana Maori: Nga Kaiako o Hangarau Whakaturanga ki Whitireia. Paper presented at Whitireia/ Weltec Research Symposium 2017, Porirua, New Zealand.

Shedlock, K, Vos, M, S, Chard. (2016) The digital evolution of Maori: Re-telling Maori stories using virtual realities. Nga Pae o te Maramatanga Indigenous Conference 2016.

Shedlock, K, Vos M Chard, S. (2016) Design Science Research: Building evaluation into the construction of indigenous cultural artefact in New Zealand. The 27th Australian Conference on Information Systems. Information systems Journal ASCIS, 2016.

Shedlock, K. (2015). Te mauri o te mana Maori: The evolution of Information technology capstone projects. Paper presented at Whitireia/ Weltec Research Symposium 2015, Porirua, New Zealand.

Conference Reviewer

I am an invited reviewer for a number of international conferences.