Mansoor Shafi

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ALERT! This person can no longer be contacted through the School of Engineering and Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington
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Research Interests

My research interests lie in Wireless Communication Systems, in particular:
  • Radio Propagation Models
  • Information theoretic and practical aspects of MIMO Systems
  • Intelligent receiver architectures, adaptive antennas
  • Wireless communications systems
  • Modulation, channel estimation and equalisation
  • Traffic models for wireless systems


I work in Telecom New Zealand where my present role is to provide leadership in the wireless activities. I started my career in the New Zealand Post Office in 1979 as a radio engineer. In the late eighties, the telecommunications part of the Post Office became Telecom New Zealand. I have held various roles in Telecom that involve looking at future directions and technology strategy. Throughout my professional career, I have also been actively involve in academic activities ie co-supervising graduate students, taking visiting academic/research appointments etc. I also have a very active role in the shaping of world telecommunications standards for wireless communications via participation in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).