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At Victoria University on the 24th of November, 52 year 10 girls from 9 Wellington high schools took part in the 2010 Programming Challenge for Girls. This is an ...
NEW - 14 Dec 2010 - 10:11 by mark
Research Interests My research aims to develop mobile robots that can interact autonomously with their environment. To function independently in the real world, a...
r22 - 16 Dec 2019 - 21:23 by hollitch
Postgraduate Projects in Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering PhD Projects Power Groups of power consumers can be fit into demand profiles based on their...
r9 - 28 Sep 2015 - 07:50 by gouwsgi
Research Interests My main research lies in Image Processing with application in Object Tracking, Visual Saliency Detection and Feature Computation. * Comput...
r7 - 09 Nov 2018 - 16:30 by mark
Research Interests Machine learning, data mining, topic models (e.g. Latent Dirichlet Allocation).
r5 - 30 Jul 2012 - 11:25 by friedlanna
I am interested in designing intelligent machines. More specifically I study human visual system (HVS), and work on developing artificial algorithms that would ma...
r5 - 07 Dec 2016 - 23:41 by mark
Research Interests
r4 - 21 Feb 2019 - 08:35 by braithdani
Research Interests
r2 - 27 Jul 2016 - 12:20 by elisenda
Education Background Master in Communications Engineering, RWTH Aachen, Germany. Bachelor in Electronic Information Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Te...
r6 - 08 Dec 2016 - 09:01 by mark
Publications * J. Chua, G. Wang, W. B. Kleijn, "Convolutive Blind Source Separation with Low Latency," in International Workshop on Acoustic Signal Enhancement (...
r11 - 14 Mar 2017 - 11:39 by chuajiaw
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Global Optimization
r2 - 17 Sep 2015 - 17:31 by mashallaryan
Research Interests
r5 - 04 Jun 2018 - 15:17 by mark
PhD student at Victoria University of Wellington Research Interests
r2 - 18 Nov 2016 - 16:44 by nico
I have now moved to UNSW Australia. Please refer here for up to date information. I can be contacted at praveen.b.choppala #64; I obtained my PhD on th...
r48 - 20 Oct 2015 - 12:25 by christo
Rohitash Chandra, PhD Rohitash Chandra is a Research Fellow in Computer Science. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Victoria University of Wellington, MSc in...
r42 - 12 May 2012 - 19:14 by rohitash
Biography Sergio studied acoustic engineering at the Universidad Tecnologica de Chile where he did his undergraduate thesis in the subject "Optimization model for...
r6 - 08 Nov 2008 - 10:46 by mark
Research Interests
r4 - 08 Dec 2016 - 15:14 by mark
Research Interests
r4 - 01 Nov 2018 - 09:37 by duncan
Research Interests Currently i'm focusing on the information theory of deep learning. Please contact me if any thing would interest you. Most of time i'm staying ...
r8 - 24 Oct 2018 - 22:01 by mawand
Research Interests My research interests span the areas of computer networks, content replication and placement, content centric networking, wireless networks, co...
r9 - 03 Apr 2014 - 17:37 by mark
Books being borrowed: * Causality Judea Pearl Adam has it (from May 2008) * The Selfish Gene Dawkins Adam has it (from Jan 2009) * evolution and th...
NEW - 29 Jan 2009 - 17:51 by marcus
Signal Processing Students * Person:SergioHernandez (PhD, co supervised with Person:MarcusFrean ) * Person:Kok LimYau (PhD, co supervised with Person:...
r5 - 17 Sep 2012 - 15:32 by christo
Welcome to ECS Engineering and Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington is a leading research department in New Zealand. We back up our research with...
r33 - 17 Sep 2012 - 15:34 by christo
The Tertiary Education Commission recently announced funding of just under $210 million over six years for six Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs). Dr Marcus F...
r5 - 15 Oct 2014 - 08:42 by christo
Technical Report Series (ISSN 1179 4259) %IF{"'' ingroup 'EcsGroup'" then=" To add a new technical report, assign it a new number by adding it to the table below ...
r212 - 27 Jun 2019 - 09:24 by yimei
Victoria University of Wellington researchers are poised to make a significant contribution to one of the world’s largest science projects—the Square Kilometre Ar...
r3 - 29 Nov 2013 - 11:17 by christo
Young Vic Atamira Maori in the City (ASB Showgrounds, Auckland, July 2009) Kia ora! Hopefully you met one of us: Marcus, Ambreen, Luke, or David, representin...
r21 - 07 May 2013 - 12:38 by christo
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