Mark Davies

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Technical Manager
School of Engineering and Computer Science


I have interests in computer networks, distributed systems, window systems, and all things to do with the Unix operating system. As well as my day to day responsibilities within the school, I am involved in several development projects.

I was involved with the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) 4.4 release from the University of California, Berkeley; alpha testing and contributing some code for the HP300 platform and am currently a NetBSD and pkgsrc developer. I wrote the X Window System (X11) server included in the BSD 4.4 release and now also used in NetBSD on Hewlett Packards.

I have been involved for many years with the technical development of Internet Protocol networking in New Zealand. In 1989, Andy Linton, Jonathan Stone and I established the initial internet links from Victoria University of Wellington and Massey University to the international gateway at the University of Waikato, using a modified Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) over Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) circuits. I have taught professional courses and consulted on the subject. I currently try to find time to explore many things including Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).