Endorsements from Graduate and Project Students

PhD Students

  • Lakshmi Krishnan (2017) Acoustic Room Impulse Response Shaping "Paul has been an exceptional supervisor and mentor to me. He was patient and understanding at all times and kept me motivated throughout my thesis work. Paul is an excellent teacher and has deep passion towards research with a clear vision and direction of how it should shape the thesis work. The expert research guidance and continuous support offered by Paul was key to my successful completion of PhD. He still continues to be my mentor and a great friend. I consider it my honour to have him as my PhD supervisor and highly recommend him to any prospective students."

  • Saqib Saleem (2016) Signal processing of cerebral blood flow regulation in humans "It has really been an honour for me to have Paul as a PhD supervisor. I found him very patient and motivative throughout out my PhD journey, with a welcoming attitude. He always understands the student’s problems and guides not only as a adviser but also as a mentor. He also taught me how to do academic writing, think critically, and analyse rigorously."

  • Sudhir Singh (2015) Convex Optimisation for Communication Systems "Paul was an excellent and dependable Phd supervisor whose clear vision and mentorship was invaluable to me. He inspired me to pursue convex optimisation and made available all the resources needed to make my research a success. It was an honor having him as a Phd supervisor and I highly recommend him to any prospective students considering doctoral studies."

  • Ramoni Adeogun (2015) Channel Prediction for Mobile MIMO Wireless Communication Systems "It is very rare that you come across a PhD supervisor like Dr. Paul D. Teal. I am yet to work with a person who is more a mentor than a supervisor. Working with Dr. Teal has been a great privilege for me. I learnt almost all that I know about excelling at academic research from him. His mentorship has been an invaluable asset to my professional and intellectual development. Aside from his usual readiness to share his ideas and expert knowledge with students, he is always patient, supportive and encouraging when progresses made are not up to expectations. I highly recommend him for anyone considering doctoral studies as I have no doubt you will be just as impressed as I am about him."

  • Praveen Choppala (2014) Bayesian Multiple Target Tracking "During my doctoral study under the supervision of Associate Professor Paul Teal, I found in him a passionate researcher, a patient teacher, a constructive critic, a constant motivator, a humble leader and a reliable friend, who was always there for me to help me learn and excel both intellectually and professionally. He continues to be my inspiration, and undeniably, he rubbed off on me a piece of his amazing personality."

  • Andrew Digby (2013) Whistling in the Dark: An acoustic study of little spotted kiwi "Paul was an excellent PhD supervisor, providing expert yet clear advice on signal processing, and an outstanding ability to advise on a wide range of topics, even those outside of his field of expertise. He was always approachable and supportive, and his research and academic guidance was invaluable."

  • Kok-Lim Yau (2010) Context Awareness and Intelligence in Cognitive Radio Networks: Design and Applications "I am indebted to my PhD supervisor Dr. Teal for his guidance and advice, not just as a supervisor but as a mentor and a friend. Throughout my study, I have learned a lot from him. He cared a lot about the quality of my research, and ensured that I learned and have an in-depth understanding of my research topic. He is extremely patient, particularly with beginners who are blissfully unaware of common mistakes made in both technical writing and research. I always looked forward to our weekly relaxed and informal meetings. During our meeting, he patiently listened to my problems, and suggested constructive recommendations. After graduating from Victoria for more than five years, Dr. Teal is still very supportive of my academic endeavours."

Masters Students

  • Rajiv Pratap (2016) Low Correlation Codes for Sonar Systems "Paul Teal is a fantastic supervisor whose thorough knowledge of signal processing and efficient management provides students with the optimal opportunity for them to produce creative and robust solutions to projects."

  • Greg Hayes (2014) Automatic detection of Atrial Fibrillation "I was very fortunate to have A. Prof. Paul Teal as research supervisor for my Masters' Thesis in 2013. The guidance Paul gave me into the research, content and structure of the thesis, was invaluable. His in-depth mathematical knowledge was indispensable in helping me understand the necessary DSP techniques required to achieve my research objectives. I learnt a lot from Paul and feel privileged to have studied under his direction."

Honours Year Students

  • Sean Pierce (2016) A microphone for Higher Order Ambisonics Sound Recording "Having Paul as my supervisor throughout my honours project was great. He enabled me to engage my problem solving and creative skills, whilst providing me with exceptional theoretical knowledge and guidance in the subject area. Through collaboration with Paul, my project grew into something very special, and something I am incredibly proud of. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Paul, and feel I am a better engineer for it."

  • Cameron Shuker (2015) Modal Microphone "Paul was a great supervisor, excellent to bounce ideas off and very knowledgeable and motivating."

  • Ian Bane (2014) Designing an FPGA-based Particle Filter "Working with Paul as a project supervisor was a great experience. He was always approachable, offered great technical support and was truly enthusiastic about the project."

  • Lance Tollenaar (2013) Multiple Sound Source Tracking using Particle Filtering "As my final year Honours project supervisor, Paul provided the technical guidance I needed to succeed, without affecting or influencing any decisions that ultimately had to be made by me. This was great for me as a developing engineer, and I was able to learn and experience the meticulousness and diligence required to drive a project to success."

  • Harsh Tataria (2013) Design and Implementation of Multichannel Cross-talk Cancellation Filters in Personal Audio Systems "Throughout the project, Paul provided exceptional technical and non-technical guidance, which is vital to the development of a young engineering student. I was constantly inspired by Paul's vision and his ability to guide me through a difficult technical problem. I am thankful to Paul for sharing his knowledge, skills, and time with me. I highly recommend Paul as a supervisor for future students."

  • James McCann (2013) Priority Based Traffic Control "I throughly enjoyed working under [Paul's] supervision. Paul was always generous with his time and expertise which was a significant contributor to the success of my honours project. With Paul's support and encouragement I was able to have a paper based on our project accepted and presented, a personal achievement I'm very proud of years later."

  • Miria Royal (2012) RF Energy Harvesting: Passive Rectification and Storage of High Frequency, Low Voltage Signals "My favourite supervisor (in the whole world) is Dr Paul Teal. Thank you for your patience and for putting up with me, especially in my moments of poor judgement."

  • Michael Baughan (2011) Plasma speakers with directivity "While working with Paul I was challenged to push my ideas further, to expand into detail and to fully understand all aspects of my work before moving on. The feedback I received during all stages of my project was critical to ensure I maintained vision of the full scope of the project, not just my current area of focus."

  • Sam Turner (2011) High impedance amplifier design "Paul is an excellent supervisor who is very talented and is more than willing to set aside time for you and share his knowledge. Paul provides meaningful input and feedback on regular basis and is supportive throughout the course of a project, providing encouragement, particularly when you are faced with difficulties, challenges and frustrations."

  • Harry Jones (2009) Channel Sounding with Software Defined Radio "I developed a strong working relationship with Paul and was able to work collaboratively with his contacts in the private sector to develop the thesis in it's final form. Paul's passion for signal processing in second and third year was one of the major reasons why I pursued an Honours thesis on the subject, and the output of that final year allowed me to immediately become employed in the private sector working in telecommunications consulting."

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