Roman Klapaukh

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ALERT! This person can no longer be contacted through the School of Engineering and Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington
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Bsc (hons) Computer Science, PhD

Research Interests

My primary interests are in information visualisation / analytics and computer science education, however, I am also interested in high performance computing, programming languages, and artificial intelligence. I am a member of the programming languages and human computer interaction research groups.

My main projects (in collaboration with numerous others) are:
  • Visualisation and analysis of educational data
  • Visualisation and manipulation of radio astronomy images
  • Visualisation of historical data
  • 3D morphometrics of fossils without the use of landmarks

I am very interested in scientific applications of visualisation and computer science and creating practical solutions to research problems.


  • Roman Klapaukh, David J. Pearce, and Stuart Marshall. Comparing Graph Layouts for Vertex Selection Tasks, Australian Conference on Human-Computer Interaction 2015
  • Katie S. Collins, Roman Klapaukh, Michael F. Gazley, and C. Ian Schipper. How to Hug a Snail: 3D Morphometrics of Gastropods Using Artificial Intelligence, GeoSciences NZ 2015
  • James Kierstead and Roman Klapaukh. The Distribution of Wealthy Athenians in the Attic Demes, A.G. Leventis Conference 2015
  • Pragya Mohan, Chris Hawkins, Roman Klapaukh, and Melanie Johnston-Hollitt. Three Tools to Aid Visualisation of FITS Files for Astronomy, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems 2015
  • Roman Klapaukh and Michael Homer. Simple Rules For Identifying Students On The Edge, IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering 2014
  • Roman Klapaukh, David J Pearce, Stuart Marshall. Towards a Vertex and Edge Label Aware Force Directed Layout Algorithm, Australasian Computer Science Conference 2014
  • Roman Klapaukh, Will N. Browne, Mengjie Zhang. The effect of primitive sets on the expression of evolved images, IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2013
  • Daniel L. Atkins, Roman Klapaukh, Will N. Browne, Mengjie Zhang. Evolution of aesthetically pleasing images without human-in-the-loop, IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2010