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Research Interest Evolutionary Computation, Feature Selection, Feature Construction, Dimensionality Reduction, Classification, Machine Learning. Refereed Journal ...
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Publications 1 Fangfang Zhang, Yi Mei, Su Nguyen, and Mengjie Zhang. "Evolving Scheduling Heuristics via Genetic Programming with Feature Selection in Dynami...
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Research Interests Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling, Evolutionary Computation, Genetic Programming, Hyper heuristics, Cooperative Coevolutionary Algorithms, Ensemble L...
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Biography Su Nguyen received the B.E. degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,...
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PhD Full Registration Confirmation Policy This policy is subject to, and should be read in conjunction with, the VUW PhD Policy mandated by FGR. 2019 Seminar Cha...
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Visitors to the school Below is a list of all current and expected visitors. If you would like more information about a visitor, please talk to the Local Contact...
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