Seminar - Mobility Induced Migration in Fog Computing

ECS PhD Proposal

Speaker: Atefeh Talebian
Time: Wednesday 24th February 2021 at 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Location:, Easterfield EA 120

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Fog computing is a highly virtualized platform that relays between end devices and cloud centers. Because of the close proximity between fog nodes and users, fog computing is suitable for latency-sensitive applications. To maintain the Quality of Service (QoS) for mobile users with latency-sensitive applications like autonomous vehicles, fog can use a network slicing approach for an efficient resource allocation. Furthermore, their services should be kept close to them. For this purpose, while users are mobile it may be necessary to transfer services from current fog nodes to the closer nodes. This action is called ”mobility induced migration in fog computing”. This migration can be intra-slice migration while mobile user is in the slice coverage area or slice mobility while the user gets further from the slice coverage area. In this case the whole or part of that slice needs to migrate. This research will propose a method to perform intra-slice migration with a robust manner and low latency. A method for slice mobility also will be proposed to maintain the QoS for a group of mobile users with latency-sensitive applications. Moreover, an algorithm will be introduced that configures the slice in a short time to reduce the latency. This research aims to improve the QoS in fog computing by improving the reliability and reducing the latency that occurs during migration.

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