Seminar - Usability Testing Tools in Practice

Guest Lecture

Speaker: Jack Purvis
Time: Thursday 12th May 2022 at 02:10 PM - 03:00 PM
Location: Lecture Theatre, Hugh McKenzie LT002

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UPDATE: Speaker will be delivering talk via Zoom:

Guest Lecture - SWEN 303 (User Experience Engineering)

Usability testing tools are powerful solutions for conducting user research quickly, easily, and at scale. In this lecture Jack Purvis will describe his experience with usability tools in his career, including a live demonstration of the Optimal Workshop platform to test the effectiveness of website information architectures and design prototypes. In addition he will share thoughts on user experience engineering and the benefits to his own software and creative practices.

Bio: Jack Purvis is a full-stack software developer, creative coder, and live visual artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. With a focus on front-end development, his interests and expertise include real-time computer graphics, creative coding, live coding, user interface design, user experience, music visualisation, and VJing. Jack studied computer graphics (MSc) at Victoria University of Wellington where he explored the intersection of live coding and VJing practices. Previously, he worked at Optimal Workshop building tools to help customers conduct user research and improve the user experience of their products. He now works for Village Kit building 3D customisation tools for new modular furniture products.

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