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James Cordes james.cordes at library.otago.ac.nz
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If you simply want to get authority records one at a time as you need them, 
Te Puna authority records are free.  Or, at least, we've never paid.

We check for new unauthorized headings daily on our local system, using 
standard Voyager reports.  We search these headings on Voyager in case they 
are variant forms of other headings.  If not, we get an authority from Te Puna.

In the Te Puna Cataloguing Client,
*   Search for the heading, using one of the "Staff ... Heading Search" on 
the "Index Selection" Search tab.
*   Click the heading and then the Authority button.
*   When the authority record appears, save a copy to your work file.  [Use 
"Save as" in the File menu or Ctrl-A]

In your local Cataloguing Client,
*   Import the record from your work file.  [In the Record menu, select 
Import and then "From New File".]
*   Save it to your database.  [Click the Sailboat button or, in the Record 
menu, select Save to database or Ctrl-B]


At 10:25 a.m. 2/11/2006, you wrote:

>We are looking at migrating our database from a DRA system to Voyager next 
>year.  We are looking at options for producing a file of authority records 
>that match our bibliographic records, including the possibility of 
>sourcing these from Te Puna or another agency.  Im told the Te Puna option 
>is quite expensive, so we would be interested to hear of any librarys 
>experiences of other options, including costs, logistics and data quality.
>  Regards
>Kathryn Mercer
>Cataloguing Librarian
>Waikato Institute of Technology
>Private Bag 3036
>Hamilton 2020
>New Zealand
>Tel +64 7 834 8888
>Direct Tel: 834 8800extn 8120
>Fax +64 7 838 0707

James Cordes                   phone: (64) (3) 479-8919
Senior Librarian (Cataloguing)
University of Otago Library    fax:   (64) (3) 479-7640
PO Box 56
Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND           email: james.cordes at library.otago.ac.nz 
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