[CatSIG] News update on RDA

Paul Staincliffe stainclp at waikato.ac.nz
Fri May 4 07:59:15 NZST 2007



Seen the advert for the CatSIG seminar? Still confused about RDA? This
has just been announced:


There has been a major agreement that the RDA and Dublin Core
communities will work together in the following ways:


*         develop a formal RDA Element vocabulary (probably following
the DC

Abstract Model)

*       develop an application profile of RDA for Dublin Core using FRBR

and FRAD

*       use RDF Resource Description Framework) and SKOS (Simple
Knowledge Organisation System) to disclose RDA vocabularies


To quote Karen Coyle "This is truly an amazing development, and I think
it begins a new phase in our profession."


For more info see http://www.bl.uk/services/bibliographic/meeting.html




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