[CatSIG] CatSIG Convenor’s report

Sarah Allnutt Sarah.Allnutt at natlib.govt.nz
Fri Oct 31 12:07:59 NZDT 2008

Convenor’s Report for the year 01 July 2007 to 30 June 2008

CatSIG continued to focus on professional development and networking
opportunities for cataloguers all over the country.

Thanks to the success of the workshops and careful management of
finances CatSIG closed the year in a sound financial position.

The Committee

Last year we had major changes in the Committee. At the end of January,
Paul Staincliffe resigned from the convenor's post, having moved into
records management. After months without a convenor, Ksenija Obradovic
agreed to fill the role temporarily. Helen Jenkins went on maternity
leave, and we welcomed Sarah Allnutt as a new Secretary. Anne Newnham
stepped down as a Treasurer, and Joanne Rowan offered to take the
position. Sonya Maclaurin of the University of Otago Library joined the
Committee, providing much-needed southern representation. 

On behalf of the membership and the Committee I would like to thank
Paul, Helen and Anne for their contribution to CatSIG and wish them well
in future endeavors.

The Committee continued to meet via teleconference. We acknowledge the
support of Amanda Cossham in organising this.

Current office holders are: Ksenija Obradovic (Convenor), Sarah Allnutt
(Secretary) , Joanne Rowan (Treasurer), Amanda Cossham (Catapult
Editor),  Sonya Maclaurin, Janess Stewart.

My thanks and gratitude to members of the Committee for all their work.
They are a very supportive committee and professionals dedicated to
cataloguing. It was a pleasure working with them.


Our membership continues to grow. According to the count sent by LIANZA
office in April 2008, we had 136 members, 135 personal and 1


Our main activity involved organising The MARC of Quality workshops run
by Deborah Fritz, an international trainer with many years of

The 2007 series of CatSIG/TMQ workshops included  MARC21 In Your
Library in Auckland, followed by Book Blitz 1 in Wellington and AACR &
MARC for Videos, in Auckland. The MARC21 workshop and its follow up,
Just for Copy Cats are also held in Dunedin. The workshops were held in
August and September, were well attended, and the Committee received
many positive comments.

In 2008 the Committee organised several workshops: MARC 21 in Your
Library and Just for Copy Cats in Auckland and Wellington (October
2008), Book Blitz 1 in Dunedin (October 2008), and Book Blitz 3 in
Auckland (November 2008).

In July 2007 we held a seminar RDA: Resource description and access, in
Auckland and Wellington. Deirdre Kiorgaard gave two presentations on the
JSC's work on RDA as well as a demonstration of how FRBR fits into the
model. Chris Todd spoke on her experiences in Cambodia, Leonie Hayes on
the University of Auckland Library’s ResearchSpace and Amanda Cossham
on information architecture.

The Catapult newsletter is published regularly, four times a year,
available electronically at http://www.lianza.org.nz/sig-catsig.htm.
Catapult continues to be informative, bringing relevant issues to our
attention. Once more, Amanda Cossham has done an excellent job producing
the newsletter.

Closing remarks  

In conclusion I would like to say a few words about Committee’s plans
for the year 2008/2009:

·	RDA - The new cataloguing rules are due for release in 2009. The
Committee, together with National Library staff, has begun work on a 
national approach to the introduction of RDA in New Zealand libraries. 

·	TMQ workshops - The Committee would like to organise two series,
one in the first, one in the second part of the year.  

·	Catapult - We would welcome articles on issues and news relevant
to us in New Zealand.

On behalf of the Committee I would like to thank all CatSIG members for
their support over the past year and to wish you all a happy and
successful year.

Ksenija Obradovic
CatSIG Convenor
catsigcommittee at gmail.com 

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