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Kim Gutchlag Kim.Gutchlag at natlib.govt.nz
Mon Feb 15 08:18:03 NZDT 2010

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Tena tatou katoa

E nga mana, e nga reo, e nga kaitiaki taonga katoa o Aotearoa, nei ra
he maioha na matou o te komiti whiriwhiri o Nga Upoko Tukutuku.

Today the Maori Subject Headings thesaurus has been updated online to
reflect the work done during 2009.

We are pleased to announce 61 brand new terms added to the thesaurus,
mostly in the topic area of health.  We have also refined the scope
notes for some terms to make their usage clearer where it was

Much of the work in 2009 was focused on the hierarchical structure and
checking that it remained true to the intention to reflect a Maori world
view.  To this end a few hierarchical changes needed to be made, and in
a few cases the scope note for a term needed to be adjusted.

The following are a list of affected terms:

·	Hauora is now a top term above Ora - this now matches to the
scope note as originally written, and allows a logical space for the new
term Mate.  Since there is no change to the stated meaning of either
heading, it is unlikely this change will have any effect on its current
use in existing records.

·	Kaumatua and Waka (Whakapapa) and all headings under each have
moved within the hierarchy to fit under the top term Whakapapa.  There
is no change to their stated meanings, so this is unlikely to have any
effect on the use of these headings in existing records.

·	Haurangi has been disestablished and replaced with
Haurangitanga.  Haurangi is acknowledged as a more commonly used
term, but Haurangitanga was felt to better convey the negative aspects
of alcoholism.  This change will require all use of the term Haurangi to
be changed to Haurangitanga.

·	Tamariki and Taitamariki have had age ranges added to the scope
note to clarify when these should be used.  This change will require
previous usage to be reviewed and may require some entries to be changed

·	Mahi toi and Toi Maori have had significant changes made to
their scope notes.  There was considerable discussion within the Project
Team about the risk involved in making such large changes, but it was
felt that it was better to resolve the problems quickly than to allow it
to remain wrong.  Mahi toi is now the top term to cover all arts, with
other topics rearranged under it, while Toi Maori will be restricted to
traditional arts.  This change will require previous usage to be
reviewed and will definitely require some entries to be changed

In all cases where meaning or scope has changed, the National Library
will be reviewing their records and considering the need to change the
heading.  A notification will be sent out once all required changes have
been made on our records.

In addition, the National Library will make available a downloadable
file of MARC records for all titles with Maori Subject Headings

Noho ora mai, na Kim matou ko Charlotte me te komiti o Nga Upoko

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