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Peter Hosking peter.hosking at canterbury.ac.nz
Mon May 3 11:54:25 NZST 2010

Dear all,


You may have heard of the change proposal that was presented to staff at
CU last week. 35 positions are disestablished and 18 new ones will be


The following is an outline of how it impacts on Collection Services at


Our present structure consists of three teams. Two for monographs and
one for serials.  We have 11 staff at assistant librarian level or
above.  All have been disestablished with the exception of the Asian
Languages Collection Librarian.


The proposed new structure will consist of an acquisitions team and a
"resources discovery" (i.e. cataloguing) team.  There will be 9 new
positions in the new structure, however, one of these positions has
Interloans duties because the Interloans team has also been
disestablished in the change proposal.  Interloans has previously been
part of Lending Services but will now be carried out by the acquisitions


The new Resource Discovery team will consist of a team leader, 4
assistant librarians and the Asian Languages Collection Librarian, plus
some library assistants (the number is not specified in the proposal).
The institutional Repository Coordinator will also report to the team
leader. Previously the IR coordinator was based in Library IT.  The team
will catalogue all formats.   At present we have seven librarians who
catalogue, plus two team leaders who catalogue when time permits.  In
the new structure there will be five librarians cataloguing, plus one
team leader.  This is a significant reduction in cataloguing staff
numbers for us.  


CU has had a serials cataloguer since 1976.  This position is now
disestablished and serials cataloguing will be shared among the Resource
Discovery team.  Among our cataloguers we also have specialists in
music, law, European languages, and electronic resources. None of these
specialities are mentioned in the change proposal.


The Collection Services Manager position has been disestablished and
will be replaced by the new position of Support Services Library
Manager.  The new manager will be expected to deputize for the Library
Manager in his/her absence as well as manage Support Services.


We would like to acknowledge the messages of support that we have
received from our colleagues in other libraries and greatly appreciate


Peter Hosking
Serials Cataloguing Librarian
Collection Services
University of Canterbury Library


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