[CatSIG] New Link: Survey on NZ library career issues including Professional Registration

Lynley Stone lynley at informationworkshop.com
Thu Jun 7 12:00:58 NZST 2012

When I posted the link to this survey on Tuesday, staff of Auckland City and
a few other individuals told me that they could not get past the second page
of the survey. 

I have created another version of the survey in a simpler software, and this
morning it has been tested by an Auckland City staff member who says it will
work on their Internet Explorer browser.

I apologise for this unexpected glitch, and for having to re-post about the
survey as a result of it. Thank you to everyone who has responded already,
and please note it is open until 19 June, so there is plenty of time.

There are now THREE ways to get to the survey:

1. The original survey which has worked well for most people:


2. The survey on new software. This is a short URL that I hope will work for
Auckland City and others who experienced problems with the original link: 


If that doesn't work, try the third option:

3. The full file path to the survey on the new software (which should work
for Auckland City staff and others who had problems with the original link):


This is long, and so if you are copying and pasting it into a browser
remember to copy the whole link.

Below is the message I sent on Tuesday:


We'd love to have your input about your experience, attitudes and ideas
around career development, and would be very grateful if you could spend
15-30 minutes on the attached survey.


This survey will run for two weeks, and will close on Tuesday 19 June 2012.

This survey is aimed at people who currently work, or who have worked, in
libraries at any level, from volunteer library assistant right through to
senior management. 

Specific issues that are covered in the survey include:

* What techniques have you used to progress your career in libraries?
* What is your attitude to continuing professional development and LIANZA
Professional Registration?
* How do you keep up to date with issues relating to your job?
* Do you have any advice for people who want to work in your sector?

In July I will be presenting a series of workshops on career development for
librarians at all stages of their careers, and have developed this survey to
help understand a range of related topics. The results will be used in the
preparation of the workshops, and will also be used by LIANZA to help
develop the Professional Registration process and to understand how to
support librarians more effectively.

Please note that no question requires an answer, so you can fill in as
little or as much of the survey as you wish. 

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact me at
lynley at informationworkshop.com or Alli Smith at alli at lianza.org.nz 

Lynley Stone
The Information Workshop
Services for Information Professions
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Mt Albert
Auckland 1025
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