Identifying Yourself

Before you can proceed with ECS Account Registration or an ECS Password Reset we need to know who you are. Please fill in either the "VUW Staff/Student" OR the "Guest/Other" section below.

VUW Staff/Student

You can use your VUW username and password to verify your identity. Later in this process you may also choose to set your ECS password to the password entered here.

VUW Username
VUW Password

Student Login Staff Login


Fill in the details below if you don't have a VUW Staff or Student login. You can obtain your username and activation code (a one-time password) from ECS Technical Support.

ECS Username
Activation Code

Note: Entering your VUW username/password here will NOT result in it being stored in any way that would allow unauthorised access to your VUW account(s). If you require more details about this contact ECS Technical Support.

If you have any problems with this process please ask your lab tutor or lecturer or contact ECS Technical Support