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Power Grid | Te Pūkawe Hiko Matua o Aotearoa


A primer on New Zealand’s electricity transmission grid.

Principles Illustrated
This video describes how electrical energy is distributed from power plants to homes and businesses in New Zealand. This is a background information resource and does not include any demonstrations.



English version

Te Reo Māori Version


This short video provides background for the hydroelectric generator, wind generator, and Bicycle Generator videos.
The electricity distribution grid in New Zealand is run by a state-owned company called Transpower. Their web page can provide a lot of information for keen students, and electricity transmission grids here and elsewhere are based on a lot of good physics. The Cook Strait cable for example has a lot of interesting physics behind it.

Power Grid
The electricity grid in rural New Zealand
Power Grid
The electricity grid in rural New Zealand

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Electricity Generation


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