CGRA 151 (2019) - Home Page

Forum: For help with assignments, problems wth the submission system, queries about details of the lecture notes, and contact with a tutor outside laboratories: use the forum. Two tutors are explicitely allocated to answer posts on the forum and the lecturers also keep an eye on it.

Class rep: Your class rep is Daniel Blackford. The student Discord group is at

Helpdesk: For personal help outside your tutorial time, the weekly drop-in help desk is 1–2 p.m. on Fridays in CO242.

Staff contact: For queries that must go to a staff member, please contact Joshua Scott (e.g., requests for medical extensions beyond the automatically allocated 48 hours of extension that everyone gets).


11/10/2019: Assignment weightings in ECS assessment system

The assignment weightings in the ECS assessment system were incorrect and have now been updated to match those shown in the official Course Outline. The Maths Worksheet and Project Plan are each worth 2 marks (not 3 marks). The Project is worth 14 marks (not 12 marks).

10/10/2019: Lectures have ended

The final lecture was on Thursday 10 October. There will be no lecture on Friday 11 October.

5/9/2019: Terms Test outcome

You can collect your marked mid-term test from the Maths and Computing office (CO358) during collection hours.

The three questions were designed to be different in difficulty. Question 1 was relatively easy, Question 2 moderate, and Question 3 hard. When marking, we discovered that Question 3 was harder than expected. Overall, the top mark was 42/45. We reserve the right to scale up the marks for the mid-term test so the mark you have received is the minimum you will be awarded for the test.