CGRA 151 (2022) - Home Page

Forum: For help with assignments, problems wth the submission system, queries about details of the lecture notes, and contact with a tutor outside laboratories: use the forum, Discord or email tutors are explicitely allocated to answer posts on the forum and email to that address.

Class rep: Your class rep is TBC.

Staff contact: For queries that must go to a staff member, please contact the course coordinator Dr Alexander Doronin

Tutorials: Details about the tutorials ("laboratories") can be found in the Lecture Notes (slides 8 and 9).


The course is primarily offered in-person, but there will also be a remote option and there will be online alternatives for all the components of the course for students who cannot attend in-person.

Students taking this course remotely must have access to a computer with camera and microphone and a reliable high speed internet connection that will support real-time video plus audio connections and screen sharing. Students must be able to use Zoom; other communication applications may also be used. A mobile phone connection only is not considered sufficient. The comuputer must be adequate to support the programming required by the course: almost any modern windows, macintosh, or unix laptop or desktop computer will be sufficient, but an Android or IOS tablet will not.