CGRA 402 (2020) - Home Page

This course will develop programming and collaboration skills in the context of computer graphics. Students will programme each stage of a computer graphics pipeline and integrate the results into a complete graphics application.

The below provides some information on changes owing to the nationwide lockdown.

What is happening with teaching?

As of the afternoon of 23 March 2020, teaching at Victoria University of Wellington has paused – both in person and online. As you are aware, CGRA 402 is a programming project course, rather than having any set teaching, therefore our adjustments to this course will be different to adjustments for other taught courses.

When and how will CGRA 402 be delivered?

After 28 April 2020 teaching will resume on other courses. For this course, we have been permitted to re-start work before then, as you have projects that you need to prepare and then work on. The staff and students will therefore meet by Zoom video-conference at 4 p.m. on 31 March, 7 April and 21 April. We will continue with weekly meetings on Tuesday afternoons at 4 p.m. from then onwards.

What happens to my assessments while teaching is paused?

Our assessment schedule has been changed, with a presentation on 7 April, the proposal due on 17 April, and a presentation of the proposal on 21 April. All of the other due dates have been pushed back by at least two weeks.

Who can I contact about my course?

At this stage, please contact Neil or Joshua. Although our physical offices are closed from 24 March 2020, we are working remotely and you can still contact us via email for advice

Important information about the wider University response to COVID-19 is here: This page is updated regularly, and we encourage you to keep an eye on it.

These are challenging times and it’s important to prioritise your own health and wellbeing. We understand students will be affected in a variety of different ways, and we will do our best to be flexible and support you however we can. Stay calm, be kind to each other, and take care.