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31/5/2020: Physical Lab (CO219) now open all week!

From Tuesday 2 June 2020 (Monday is a holiday), the computer lab CO219  will be available to any ECS enrolled student between the hours of 9am-5pm.  

Under level 2 there are some rules which you can read here:

We ask everyone to follow these principles:

1.  Ensure you adhere to the physical distancing guidelines . For example in CO219 you can only use every second workstation.
2.  Stay at home if you are unwell
3.  Regularly clean your hands—either with sanitiser and allow to air dry, or with soap and water, taking care to dry your hands thoroughly
4.  Disinfect and clean your workspace/s as  you need to take responsibility for your own space. This includes your keyboard, desk, and any other equipment you regularly use.  We will provide cleaning things in the room - if you run out please go to the School Office on the third floor of Cotton for more.
5.  Complete what is required for contact tracing while you are on campus: Also make sure you swipe in and out of the room with your card. Also keep a personal record.
6.  Please no guests in the room.
7. Strictly no drinking or eating in the room

29/5/2020: Tutorial videos,  Circles and Star Exercises

Tutorial videos going through the GUI lab exercises (from the 9am Zoom session) now available from the Assignment page and the Schedule page (week 8: 7 zoom... and 8 zoom...)
If you are having any difficulty with MiniPaint, these videos may be helpful.

25/5/2020: Lab, workshop moved to Wednesday

Friday labs at 11-12, 2-3 are deleted.
A new lab Wednesday 2-3 is added.
The 102/112 workshop is moved from Thursday to Wednesday, the time is still at 5pm-7pm.
The updated timetable is here:

23/5/2020: Student Learning: useful workshop this week.

Thurs 28 MAY | 11:00 - 11:50AM
Time management and self motivation for online learning

Resources for students away from Wellington because of Coronavirus.

* VUW COVID-19 info page for students

Course Pages and Resources:

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System Management: Set up your ECS account, Change password, Forward your email, Report a problem

Technical Documentation and FAQs: There are lots of useful pages at Support.WebHome on many different aspects of the ECS computing system.

Science/Engineering Faculty resources: Science and Engineering Faculty office.

VUW resources: Maori Hub, Pasifika Hub, Student Learning Support

Clubs: VUWWIT (VUW Women in Tech), VEC (VUW Engineering Club)